Aviation Security: Whole Body Passenger Screening

Tek84 is pleased to announce Safeguard™, our AIt84™ body scanner upgraded for airline passenger screening - smaller footprint, higher throughput, and most important: breakthrough ATR.

A Proven Track Record in Israel
Ait84 is used by multiple agencies in Israel, at airports, government buildings and border crossings. It is the only body scanner certified for airport use.

Tek84 introduced the Ait84™ body scanner in 2012. Its exceptional detection capabilities quickly captured a prestigious milestone: the only body scanner to be certified for use in Israeli airports. Today, Ait84™ is used by multiple agencies in Israel at a variety of demanding locations, including: airports, border crossings and government buildings. All these sites operate without ATR, displaying the scanned image to an operator for analysis.

The Words of Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda publishes the on-line magazine Inspire to recruit and train followers for terrorist attacks. In 2014 they featured 40 pages describing how to make an airline bomb using household ingredients, and pass the device through airport screening.

They conclude that body scanners are the only screening method that cannot be breached; they encourage attacking airports where they are not in use. When this was published the raw images were inspected manually; ATR was not installed.