Aviation Security: Whole Body Passenger Screening

Tek84 is pleased to announce Safeguard™, our AIt84™ body scanner upgraded for airline passenger screening - smaller footprint, higher throughput, and most important: breakthrough ATR.

Head-to-Toe Coverage

Safeguard™ screens passengers in three separate ways: Backscatter to detect threats on the front and back; Forward-Scan for objects concealed on the sides and in loose clothing; and Ground-Level to inspect the ankles and feet. Presently used body scanners rely on a single mode to detect concealed objects, resulting in large blind areas on the body. Triple-mode detection provides complete coverage from head-to-toe.

Triple-mode detection is also an important part of our exceptional ATR performance. Our breakthrough software is only as good as the data it receives. Other body scanners are limited by both their data collection and their software algorithms. Safeguard™ is the marriage of two cutting- edge technologies, creating the world?s most advanced screening portal. Our four-triangle logo reflects this fusion: Triple-mode Screening plus ATR.

Background-Level X-rays

Safeguard™ scans with background-level x-rays to provide greater performance than millimeter-wave scanners. Each screening is equivalent to about 15 minutes exposure to natural background radiation, or each 15 seconds during an airline flight. Radiation safety organizations classify these levels as trivial and completely negligible.

A good comparison is the stray radiation allowed for airport baggage scanners. Each passenger scanned with Safeguard™ receives about the same x-ray level as when they place their belongings on the conveyer belt. Why are baggage scanners allowed to emit stray radiation? The levels are minuscule, and regulatory agencies agree that these stray emissions are safe and appropriate.