Aviation Security: Whole Body Passenger Screening

Tek84 is pleased to announce Safeguard™, our AIt84™ body scanner upgraded for airline passenger screening - smaller footprint, higher throughput, and most important: breakthrough ATR.

>80% Detection Rate
In-house and government testing
  • 5'x5' footprint
  • 6 second screening
  • 300 passengers per hour
  • Metal and nonmetal threats
  • Unaffected by damp clothing
  • No blind areas

The Importance of ATR

Body scanners detect weapons and explosives concealed on persons entering security controlled areas. The best performance is achieved when an operator manually inspects the raw scanned image. However, privacy concerns have prompted the use of automated software for this task, insuring that the raw images are never viewed or saved. This software, called Automated Threat Recognition (ATR), is now installed on most airport body scanners throughout the world. ATR examines the computerized data from the scanner, detects hidden objects, and displays them as yellow boxes on a generic outline of the body.

Successful ATR has been extremely difficult to develop. In 2015 the US Government tested the ATR body scanners presently used in airports and found only a 4% detection rate. Safeguard™ breaks this barrier ? providing greater than 80% detection.

Actual ATR display from testing: Small
derringer located on inside of right arm
(detected in front and rear views); 100
gm C4 simulant inside front waistband.
Safeguard™ detects an extremely broad range of threats, from conventional handguns and explosives ? to ceramic and plastic weapons ? to timers and unexpected devices. Testing shows greater than 80% detection.

Ait84™, Our Flagship Product

Tek84 introduced the Ait84™ body scanner in 2012. Its exceptional detection capabilities quickly captured a prestigious milestone: the only body scanner to be certified for use in Israeli airports. Today, Ait84™ is used by multiple agencies in Israel at a variety of demanding locations, including: airports, border crossings and government buildings. All these sites operate without ATR, displaying the scanned image to an operator for analysis.

The ATR Breakthrough

Tek84's engineers made an enormous breakthrough in 2015, discovering how the human brain analyzes body scanner images. This insight, plus two years of intense research and development, led to an entirely new strategy for high-performance ATR software, rivaling the abilities of human analysts.

This revolutionary software is now married to our Ait84 body scanner, giving birth to the most advanced airport screening product in the world: Safeguard™.

In-house & Government Testing

In-house performance testing of Safeguard™ was conducted in late-2016 using a variety of weapons, simulated explosives and body types. More than 690 scans were acquired of 46 volunteers on three separate Ait84 scanners.

This extensive testing demonstrates an overall detection rate greater than 80%, with a false alarm rate less than 20%. The threat-set used for this testing includes: conventional metal weapons such as handguns and knives; high-tech weapons such as plastic guns and ceramic blades; bomb components such as timers and detonators; and explosives such C4 and dynamite simulants.

These in-house testing results were replicated in 2017 by a prominent government laboratory using actual weapons and explosives. Full details about our testing results and protocols are available to qualified security professionals. Contact Tek84 for additional information.

POLITICO 08/17/2015: A recent security audit found that TSA failed to find fake explosives and weapons in 96 percent of covert tests. House committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-Texas) confirmed ... body scanners were the technology fingered in the audit. Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, said he is ?troubled about their capability to detect and prevent dangerous materials from passing through security checkpoints.... these things weren?t even catching metal.?
Tek84 has made the ATR breakthrough!