Aviation Security:
Whole Body Passenger Screening

AIT84 is a next generation body scanner. Click here for more information.

AIT84 in Local News: Part 1

San Diego local news discusses next generation body scanners.

AIT84 in Local News: Part 2

Dr. Smith is asked by San Diego local news about body scanner safety.

Press Releases

  • Dr. Smith responds to skin dose concerns and confirms safety of Backscatter body scanners

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  • Tek84's new body scanner described in front page article from San Diego Union Tribune

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  • Tek84's New Body Scanner is Described in Defense Daily TR2

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  • Tek84 Engineering Group LLC is formed after SAIC completes acquisition of CarSCAN

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  • Spectrum San Diego's CarSCAN™ Wins 2009 ASIS International Accolades Awards

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  • Spectrum San Diego to Unveil CarSCAN™ Drive-through Security Screening System for the Rapid Detection of Explosives, Drugs and Stowaways

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  • Spectrum receives TSA Approval/Certification for CastScope.

    Please contact Tek84 for a copy of the certification letter.>