Welcome to Tek84

Tek84 Engineering Group develops and manufactures high-technology security products for screening and surveillance. For three decades our engineers have pioneered the use of ultra-low-dose x-ray imaging. This technology rapidly and safely screens persons and occupied vehicles for weapons, explosives, and contraband. These products have been widely deployed at hundred of sites around the world by the TSA, U.S. military, Israel, and other Governmental Agencies.



SentryScope is a revolution in CCTV technology, providing 21 Megapixel images for ultra-high resolution surveillance of large areas. Read More>>



CastScope screens persons with casts and artificial limbs for concealed weapons, explosives and contraband in airports and other high security facilities. Read More>>


Car Scan

CarSCAN delivers high throughput screening of cars and vans for explosives, drugs and stowaways at vehicle checkpoints. Developed by Tek84, CarScan is now a product of LEIDOS (SAIC). Read More>>